Legacy Photographs | About
My name is Jason Dries and I own Legacy Photographs.

Mission: Take pictures.

Reason: Back in April 2011, the Mercury News had an article about a lady named Fawn who was diagnosed at 35 years old with terminal lung cancer and was given a prognosis of two years to live. The article also showed pictures of her three gorgeous kids (Ethan, Ellen and Emma). I read the article at 7:00 in the morning (I'm a high school science teacher) and by 7:15 I had a plan: Get in touch with this family and offer photography services so those kids have a memory of their mom forever.

Later that day, I expanded my plan to include starting a small business to help finance pictures of them. I now do pay jobs to help cover the cost of prints, photo books, etc for them. This picture is Emma's second birthday party with Fawn helping her blow out her birthday candles. Their family is wonderful; so much so that my son and their children now love each other and play together as much as possible!

What I do: Locational photography, senior portraits, family portraits, couples/engagement announcements, etc. Inquire for prices.